Give shelter. Give services. Give an experience.

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What's Happening at BrickWays

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We’re one of three designated nonprofits that will benefit from Lucky’s Market’s Bags for Change program. All you have to do is shop! And bring your own bag.

Barb and her stuffed pork chops are featured in our Year in Review video.

Check out Betsy’s beautiful notecards, now for sale. Contact us for more info, or find them at Higher Self!


Our Housing

Our residences are designed so that the people that live there enjoy privacy and community interaction as they make new friends, gain confidence and receive support from family, friends or care team members

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Our Services

Our services address education, employment, healthcare and other concerns, self-advocacy initiatives, residential support, family support, employment programs, leisure and recreational programs.

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Our Experiences

At Brickways, we delight in providing our residents with thoughtful and endearing experiences. From recreational activities to going on extra special events, we try to keep our residents and clients engaged and thriving within the community.

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Would you like to make a difference in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities? You can do that by making a donation today to the BrickWays. You can donate to our general fund or to a particular living center, activity, or area of need. 

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What's Going On?

Notecards for sale

Artist Betsy Zeeryp created beautiful note cards to showcase her talent as well as her accomplishments.


The BrickWays Experience

Experiences are the gifts that keep giving! According to researchers at Cornell University, experiential purchases (money spent on doing) tend to provide more enduring happiness than material purchases. 


Our History

Dedicated to change.

In 1975, Mary Jean Brick had a vision. She believed with all her heart that individuals with a disability wanted to find a place in the community to call  “A Home of Their Own.” Mary Jean’s vision, inspired by her special needs son and sister became the Community Living Center.