In 1975, Mary Jean Brick had a vision. She believed with all her heart that individuals with a disability wanted to find a place in the community to call “A Home of Their Own.” Mary Jean’s vision, inspired by her special needs son and sister became the Community Living Center.

Her vision did not stop there and neither did her passion. She continued to work to build more housing choices, each unique. Friends, family, church members and anyone in the community could expect to hear from Mary Jean as to how they could help. They said yes! There simply wasn’t any other answer.

Mary Jean has passed her love for service on to her children, their husbands, wives and their children. Today we are known as BrickWays, renamed to honor Mary Jean and her family. Brick family members continue Mary Jean’s work by serving on the management and foundation boards, being active in committees and volunteering their time, energy and finances to help others.

BrickWays is truly a community organization supported by a committed group of donors, volunteers and staff. BrickWays is proud call MSU Extension & Rotary Charities community partners for their support in bringing Cooking Matters classes to the CLC and to our neighborhood. 

Mary Jean Brick,  2016

Mary Jean Brick, 2016