Make a Difference

Give Shelter. Give Services. Give an Experience.

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities? You can do that by making a donation today to BrickWays. You can donate to our general fund or to a particular living center, activity, or area of need. Below is a list of suggested donation areas or you can designate your donation to a particular need that has come to your attention. We and our residents are deeply grateful for all donations!

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Our Activity Fund needs a boost

Our activities and experiential learning opportunities continue to expand on an almost daily basis. We're talking museum visits, bike rides, disc golf, Peace Ranch, sewing club, yoga class, drum circle — and more in the works, including a camping trip, beach days and Cherry Festival.

Everyone — staff and residents alike — revels in these activities, which have a huge social aspect as well. We're increasing self-esteem and confidence, promoting independence and reducing isolation. Studies show intellectually disabled people have a smaller involvement in their community and we are rapidly changing that.

We do our best to keep client costs minimal, if anything. Mostly, we absorb any fees to make sure everyone can be involved. But, of course, there are fees and costs and we could use your help.

We need $10,000 to keep our activity fund — and activity fun — going for the rest of the year. We are seeing such positive results from our fitness, creative and community events and we don't want to slow down now!


You helped make our Disney dream come true.



Housing (Current Needs):

  • Community Living Center – Entryway lighting, new flooring in our main living spaces; an exterior direct entrance to the lower level community room.

  • Community Living Apartments – Remodeling of the community recreation room to include carpet, storage and new furniture

  • College Park Living Center – Resident computer center

  • Kelley Street Living Center – Bathroom tub/shower replacement funding, Tree removal to reduce shade and wear on the roof

  • Fern Street Living Center – funding for the replacement and repair of the driveway and parking areas

  • NEW! Sandy's Fairway — This unique property is currently in planning and development that will include adults with special needs, and low to moderate income applicants in the same community.

Services (Current Needs):

  • Funding for programs to develop social skills including manners and setting boundaries

Experiences (Current Needs):

  • Activity Fund to support client participation in events in and around Traverse City

  • Disney Trip 2019 - Designed to give an unforgettable experience! Most participants will never have a chance to make this trip in their lifetime without your help.