Sandy’s Fairway is a unique property (near the end of Rennie Hill Road in Traverse City) currently in dreaming and development stage. We want to include adults with special needs, and low- to moderate-income applicants in the same community. This housing project seeks to better integrate our diverse community and provide affordable housing by minimizing the footprint of each space. 

A generous gift from an anonymous donor was used to purchase land for future housing. The property was initially owned by the Maxbauer Family, who happily agreed to discount the property to help match the anonymous donor’s challenge gift. ReMax Bayshore Properties donated its sales commission and when engineering plans needed to be drawn up for the township, Gourdie Fraser chipped in with an in-kind contribution as well. 

Significant contributions from Westwinds Construction and Elmers are helping bring this dream into a someday reality.  Westwinds has provided the construction management and resources to bring the idea into a concept design. Peter Oleszczuk (Westwinds Construction) and Troy Broad (Elmers) have been working together to assist BrickWays to create a plan and realistic construction cost analysis. 

It’s an expensive project that will require a lot of community involvement. For now, we are proceeding slowly, dreaming, planning and working to make Sandy’s Fairway a reality.


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