Update on Sandy's Fairway

Sandy's Fairway.jpeg

Although BrickWays will not build on Sandy’s Fairway in 2018, we will do everything needed to make that happen in 2019, according to executive director Susan Onan-Swartz. The township has granted R3 zoning approval, which permits building multi-family units such as apartments or condominiums.

“We’re now thinking three six-unit buildings. That’s staying a little soft, but will keep the whole project aligned with the aesthetics we are seeking,” says Onan-Swartz.

Project leader Westwind Construction’s Peter Oleszczuk is putting together realistic financial numbers for the build along with a site development plan that will be presented informally to the township for review before going further with the steps and costs of a formal review.

“The next year we will be focusing on the details: whether the community will get behind us, how the houses are going to look, raising the funds,” says Onan-Swartz. We continue to work at developing building architecture that promotes BrickWays’ entire point of the project, she says: “Fostering interaction while creating a community with high-quality, affordable housing for all people.”

Susan Onan