Looking for some angels

Disney castle.jpg

Our big push right now is our Trip to Disney, planned for Spring 2019.

We are in the process of working with residents who have shown an interest in going. This trip will be the culmination of months-long work in safety, communication, transportation and more. We think of it as experiential learning on adrenaline!

The Activity Fund, which you have probably given generously to in the past, is vital to this trip, but it’s also not going to cover all the costs. Each traveler will have to pay $1,500, which includes airfare, lodging, food and park admission. (They are then also responsible for their own spending money.) It is a princely sum, we know. We have several fundraisers planned for the coming year, from garage sales to raking leaves to pop can drives and more.

You can help. We are lining up sponsorships for the trip. There are three levels, each with assorted perks. All come with our undying gratitude for making this trip of a lifetime become a reality.

  • Goofy: $500 provides a third of the cost of one resident’s trip. In return, we’ll put your name or business logo on a T-shirt that the resident will wear during fundraisers and outings before the trip, then wear at Disney during multiple photo ops.
  • Minnie: $1,000 provides two-thirds of a trip and comes with the above T-shirt for the resident, plus a framed thank-you note and picture of your sponsee in the T-shirt at a Disney attraction.
  • Mickey: $1,500 is the full cost of one person’s trip. You’ll get the T-shirt, the framed picture, a monthly Facebook post between now and the trip and your name or logo on all signage related to the Disney trip and its fundraisers. We plan on raising a ruckus about this, so look for your imprint on TV and in local media.

Please let Susan know which level you’re able to give at and we’ll take it from there. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Susan Onan