Photo courtesy Traverse City Record-Eagle

Photo courtesy Traverse City Record-Eagle

Mark had suckers. Mark had smiles. Mark had fans all over town.

The outpouring of love and memories of Mark Loeffelbein on our Facebook page and on his obituary have warmed our hearts and made our grief more communal.

Lura Lyon-Ruede summed up sentiments from his eastside fans (Sav-A-Lot, Dollar General, La Señorita” when she wrote, “This news has saddened Mark's LaSenorita family. We all enjoyed visiting with him 3 to 5 days a week. He always had treats for the staff, hugs and handshakes. Mornings just won't be the same without you Mark.”

Susan Onan-Swartz spoke for many of us at BrickWays: “Mark would call me at least once a day. I often missed his call and he would leave me various messages. Monday there was one last message. He let me know he would be coming to the CLC family meals on Tuesday for the next hundred weeks! His friends (the girls!) needed their can of coke and a sucker and he could not let them down!”

Alison McClerren made us smile: “Very sad to hear of Mark's passing. When I worked at Family Fare on 8th St., I always looked forward to Tuesday mornings at 10am when Mark came in to do his shopping. He would stop at the Deli/Bakery and hold my hand and talk for a few minutes. Sometimes I even got a hug from him. After leaving that store and working at the Chums Corners Family Fare I would get the pleasure of giving him a surprise visit by helping out at the 8th St. deli or bakery on an occasional Tuesday Morning. I will miss his smiling face. RIP Mark.”

We are helping other clients deal with their grief amidst our own. There is strength in number.

Susan Onan