Spotlight on Bob Brick

Bob Brick.jpg

“The check came in on my mother’s birthday,” says Traverse City ReMax realtor Bob Brick, of the donation that started Sandy’s Fairway ball rolling.  

That was Dec 17, 2012. In preceeding months, Brick had helped an elderly, grieving man ready a house for sale. Overwhelmed with memories of his wife in the home, the man was sad and bitter over his loss. With Brick’s em-pathic listening, he talked about his wife, a woman who had loved golf and supporting local charities. 

No one can share with a Brick without hearing about Mary Jean Brick, a pas-sion for causes, and her method of dealing with life’s challenges. 

“She always wanted to know, what did you do for someone else today? It made it bigger than you,” says Brick. 

Still, Bob was surprised one December morning by a 6 a.m. call.   

“What is this BrickWays organi-zation and what do you need?” the client asked, having decided to honor his wife in a concrete way. 

Brick, a Foundation board member, told him about a piece of property the board deemed perfect to host the next housing for adults with special needs. 

“I’ll give you a check tomorrow,” said the client.  

Thanks also to the sellers, the Maxbauers, discounting the property, and ReMax donating its commission, the purchase was made.  

Bob’s client called again just a week later. He was writing another check. It was Christmas Eve morn  — the day Brick’s mother, founder of BrickWays — had died from cancer in 2009. That check paid for a feasibility study. 

The project was called Sandy’s Fairway in memory of the man’s wife. Though the client wanted to build the first home, sadly, he became too frail and passed on before that could happen.  

“That was a huge setback for us but his bitterness had turned to love,” says Bob with a smile. 

Susan Onan