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Independence and Community Living

For many residents, the Community Living Center is the first experience in Independent Living. CLC residents enjoy private living space and community interaction as they make new friends, gain confidence and receive support from family, friends or care team members.

CLC is a HUD Section 8 housing option and tenants must income qualify.  CLC is not a licensed AFC and tenants must be able to live independently with supports but without 24 hour supervision.

Support services may be provided by family members, TRAIL, other agencies or through Community Mental Health.

Independent Living Support: The TRAIL Program

The Traverse Region Assisted Independent Living (TRAIL) Program provides support for adults with disabilities to live confidently and successfully in independent housing situations. This program is available to residents of Brickways’ properties as well as those who rent their own homes or apartments in the community. TRAIL staff members provide training in cooking, housekeeping, and money management, as well as encouraging positive lifestyle choices such as healthy menu planning, regular exercise, and active participation in community events. TRAIL staff can also monitor medications and provide transportation to doctors and dentists appointments when necessary.