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Since 1978 BrickWays has provided safe, affordable housing and independent living support for adults with developmental disabilities in the Grand Traverse area. Some of our housing options are HUD and MSHDA subsidized. Barrier free units are available and the new College Park Living Center is entirely barrier-free. Most of the homes and apartments are situated in the east central neighborhoods of Traverse City which allows residents access to community facilities such as the Library or Civic Center and encourage utilization of BATA. In all residences, trained staff members provide various levels of monitoring, training and supervision tailored to the special needs and preferences of the residents. The Community Living Center, College Park, and the Community Living Apartments are staffed overnight to ensure safety.

BrickWays offers housing opportunities for 50 adults with developmental disabilities across all facilities. Since the Community Living Center opened its doors, we have helped over 200 clients live more independent and satisfying lives. One of our residents said it best when he described the BrickWays [known then as CLMC] as a “gateway” that had let him become truly a part of the Grand Traverse Community.

Most of our residents begin their pathway at the Community Living Center, a licensed Adult Foster Care Home where they develop independent living skills.  Many then progress to the Community Living Apartments, which allows more independence while still providing the security of a live-in staff. Some clients may choose to remain permanently in these apartments while others choose to move on to College Park or  greater independence at the Kelley Street home or the Fern Street apartments. Once residents move on from the Community Living Center, individually planned TRAIL support services are available to help them succeed as their independence in their home and community increases.

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