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The name BrickWays, honors the founder of the Community Living Management Corporation (CLMC), Mary Jean Brick. Mary Jean contributed her amazing enthusiasm to many causes, but her particular passion was her work to improve the lives of the physically and developmentally disabled. Her mission was inspired by a Special Needs son and sister and she led the launch of the CLMC in 1975. The CLMC was established as a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing quality supportive housing and essential support services for adults with developmental disabilities. In 1978, the CLMC established the Community Living Center, a nonprofit originally developed as a home where residents could learn and practice daily living skills in a family atmosphere with 24 hour staff supervision.

The original group of 16 residents has now grown to 43 adults living in five unique housing situations and a total of 50 people enrolled in TRAIL community living support programs staffed and managed by Brickways. Our mission remains driven by the vision of Mary Jean Brick, to maximize the potential of adults with disabilities in ways that integrate their lives into the community around them.

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